Little Lakes Memories

The Guided Life crew had a great time at Little Lakes Memories deer camp. In this photo are four generations of Dorschner boys standing next to Blake's first buck. Also in the picture is the Busha family that was kind enough to invite Blake Dorschner on his first opportunity to harvest a Whitetail Deer.

On this episode of The Guided Life, we are sending our camera operator Travis out to Little Lakes Memories to help capture the hunt of a lifetime for the Dorschner Family. Accompanied by his father BJ, Blake Dorschner is on a very special pursuit to bag the buck of his dreams.

Little Lake Memories is a high-fence ranch in Irma, WI owned by Dick Busha and sponsored by the Poygan Conservation Club.

“Little Lakes Memories is based in Irma, WI.  We are an off-shoot of Little Lakes Ranch and Lodge, a family-owned hunting preserve and lodge that began operation in 2005.

While working with other private and non-profit organizations, we host outdoor experiences for people with disabilities in Central and North Central Wisconsin.   We consider these adventures a privilege, having met many deserving people who would have otherwise been unable to create their own, successful lifetime memories.” – from the Little Lakes Memories website.


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